Local businesses looking for student help

Bluffton student Shannon Gallagher has been working at The Dough Hook for more than a year. The Dough Hook is among at least four local businesses now hiring and open to applicants from Bluffton University. Photo by Kiera Suffel

By Kiera Suffel

At least four local businesses are hiring for full-and part-time positions. Among those hiring are Common Grounds Coffeehouse & Café, Luke’s Bar & Grill, The Dough Hook and Dollar General. The businesses are seeking hard working individuals and are willing to be flexible with scheduling.

Katie Pilarsh prepares to pull a shot of espresso at Common Grounds Coffeehouse & Café on Main Street in Bluffton. Photo by Kiera Suffel

Katie Pilarsh prepares to pull a shot of espresso at Common Grounds Coffeehouse & Café on Main Street in Bluffton. Students interested in applying to work there are encouraged to stop by and ask for an application in person. Photo by Kiera Suffel

If you’ve always aspired to be a barista, Common Grounds Coffeehouse & Café is what you’re looking for. Phil and Sharon Zimmerly are the owners and have owned the café for seven years. They are looking for individuals who can work at least 15 hours per week, including weekends.

“We are very flexible around college schedules,” said Sharon Zimmerly. “We’ve had students work a few hours in the morning before class, a few in between classes or after classes are done at night during the week. We are looking for hard working, independent employees to join our staff.”

Luke’s Bar & Grill has grown a lot over the last 10 years. Luke and Kira Young are eager to have a full wait staff as they continue their building expansion. Kira Young said they have been consistently hiring for almost two years.

“What I like to see in employees is willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done,” said Kira Young. “Professionalism, a good attitude and really just a good work ethic are a must.”

The Dough Hook is a place that not only has tasty treats, but it also has a deli and meat market. Marlena Ballinger took over the family business three years ago, though it has been open since 2008. Shanon Gallagher, a junior at Bluffton University, has been working there for almost a year.

“I love working there and getting to know so many people from around this area that I may have never met if I wasn’t working at the Dough Hook,” said Gallagher. “Sometimes working there can offer some creative challenges like creating beautiful fruit trays or ideas for the fresh meat boxes we offer.”

Students interested in applying to these positions should go directly to their locations and ask for an application.


Editor’s note: Kiera Suffel also is employed at Luke’s Bar & Grill. 

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