Nine creepy campus spots you didn’t know existed

As lovely as it is this time of year is, it can be easy to get caught up in the beauty of campus. But what about the eerie parts of campus? After all, there are plenty of creepy crevices students pass by everyday without knowing it. Here are some spots that may not make it onto the typical prospective student’s campus tour.
  1. Condemned cabin at the Bluffton University Nature Preserve (including a rather creepy outhouse)
  2. The underground tunnel between Shoker Science Center and Berky Hall
  3. The fourth-floor of Berky Hall
  4. College Hall (Ok, you know it exists, but it’s got creepy part you may have yet to explore.)
  5. The Lower Stacks in the library. *
  6. Ropp Hall (check out this story of allegedly haunted spots on campus)
  7. The room with only one key (again, read the story about allegedly haunted campus spots)
  8. The old boiler room of Ropp Hall
  9. The tiny doors on the first floor of Ropp Annex


*Editor’s note: per a comment from Carrie Phillips, university archivist, we have updated No. 5 so that it is identified as the Lower Stacks. See her comment below for more details. The Witmarsum staff apologize for the error and are grateful for the correction. 

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Hannah Brown


  • Hannah – This is an excellent photo essay! Campus lore stories like these are fun all the time, and the creepy ones are the best in October!

    I have one correction, however. The photograph you’ve identified as the “Musselman Library Archives” is actually the space library staff calls the “Lower Stacks.” This is the lowest of three stack floors which made up the closed-to-the-public book storage area for Musselman Library’s 1929 to 1964 floor plan. Today, these spaces serve as storage areas and facilitate the structural transition between the 1929 and 1965 portions of the building.

    While there are some archival materials stored here, the Lower Stacks (and, similarly, the Upper Stacks, off the fourth floor) serve to house back issues for print journals, magazines, and newspapers. And while you’re _spot-on_ that these stack spaces can seem somewhat spooky (awesome photograph!), the Archives and Special Collections floor (level 1 from our elevator) is anything but spooky – I promise! Among its many great artifacts of campus history are pictures of that cabin in its prime and of a theater once in use on the 4th floor of Berky Science Hall.

    The outhouse, however, has probably always been creepy.

  • Amazing photos in this post. I’ve been to all of these locations on campus and my recollection is that they aren’t that scary… thank you for taking some photos that might convince me otherwise.

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