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Written by Kenny Beeker

We’ve all heard it: college is a time to explore. But what exactly does that mean? Throughout our lives we gain interests that reflect who we are. Are we supposed to leave behind what makes us “us” as we push forward into the unknown? Radio at 96.1 The Wit allows you to have the best of both worlds. We give you the platform to express yourself while you are able to explore your own frontiers in radio.

I started working with radio at the beginning of my sophomore year as part of the communication major curriculum. I wasn’t interested in being a journalist, and theatre wasn’t for me either. Radio, on the other hand, felt like an interesting subject to explore. I figured, “When else will I have the ability to do radio on a whim?”

I had absolutely no experience in radio (or anything like it) prior to starting that semester. After a couple of training sessions on how to use the system, I began writing and producing shows over numerous topics. These ranged from talk shows and music-based storytelling to just broadcasting classic rock. We will help you give voice to your story.

As the program director of 96.1 The Wit, I’ll set you up with our equipment and the expertise to plan, record and produce your own radio show. You can decide if you would like to broadcast live or prerecord the show to be aired at a later time. With a prerecorded show, you can edit your show before airing it, taking away any pressure that could come from a live broadcast. Once created, your show will then be broadcast over the campus radio station, 96.1 The Wit. We give you the blank canvas, you create the unique content.

At what other point in your life will you have the opportunity to be a radio show host? Take the cliché advice, express yourself at 96.1 The Wit.

Contact me at beekra@bluffton.edu to set up a time to get your show started.

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