New sanitary lines to be installed in Bluffton

Some people have been wondering what the construction behind Marbeck is all about. For those who are who are curious, Director of Buildings and Grounds Mustaq Ahmed has the answers you are looking for.

“It is a project that’s initiated by the village of Bluffton,” said Ahmed. “It is a project to upgrade the sanitary lines in the village of Bluffton, and that requires some lines that go through our campus. It’ll be dug up and replaced with new ones.”

The sanitary lines prior to this project were 50 years old and were causing some issues underneath the village of Bluffton. Although removing trees is something that needs to be done in order to install new sanitary lines, Ahmed says that this project will greatly benefit the village of Bluffton and Bluffton University as well. Ahmed explained that although trees will have to be removed in order to complete the project, the scenery around campus will not be lost as a result.

“The main benefit will be that we will have new sanitary lines,” said Ahmed. “We will not have a pump station, it’ll be a flat area, and then we will also have new grass and planted seeds all the way across where the digging has been done and I think it’ll add to our campus.”

Ahmed said that the process will take about a month to finish and should be completed around March 1.

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