Involvement Fair elicits community

The Office of Student Involvement held its annual Involvement Fair Aug. 31. The Involvement Fair is a great place for students to become active in various clubs and groups, as well as build relationships with other Bluffton students.

Many groups were involved with the fair this year, and attendance was booming. Some of the clubs and groups include: cheerleading, SERVE, Chapel, FCA, The Wit and many more.

Each group uses different techniques to draw students in including small prizes, snacks and other goodies. And, finding a way to attract students to the table is something Bluffton Cheerleading Coach Morgann Rode had to plan out ahead of time.

“My method to attract students is to send emails to interested students, set out flyers and involve myself and my team in the school activities and events,” said Rode. “Once we get them into a practice, we can see how we work together.”

Rode uses the Involvement Fair to not only be active in the Bluffton University community but to improve the cheerleading team as a whole.

“My goal is to build good memories with my team, as well as be the best cheerleading team we can be,” Rode said. “This year will be a great year. I have awesome students!”

Other groups used different tactics to attract students.

“Our method of getting people to sign up was to be as informative and welcoming as we could at the involvement fair, as well as invite people by word of mouth to join in our group,” said the coordinator of the campus group SERVE, Hannah Brown.

The group’s goal of 20 new participants was easily exceeded and 32 Bluffton students are now the newest members of SERVE.

“I think this year will go well as long as Emily Rush (my co-president) and I stay on top of things and as organized as possible,” Brown stated. “Because it is our first year as leadership for SERVE, Emily and I are ready to see what this year has in store.”

SERVE’s first event is trash pick-up on Main Street on September 23. They also are looking forward to the opportunities they have with the Findlay Mission, as well as their annual spring break trip.

“I think our group will do great this year,” said Brown. “We are working hard to find as many opportunities as we can for people to participate in. We also have a wonderful new faculty advisor, Kevin Williams, who has lots of volunteer experience.”

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