The year of lasts: A reminder to seniors

Written by Alyssa Eby

Some came to Bluffton for soccer, football, volleyball or a specific major because it was close to—or far from—home. Because the three generations before you attended or simply because you enjoyed the beautiful campus and sense of community. Whatever our reason, it all brought us to this moment—the year of lasts.

The last first day of classes, last time telling each class your name, major and hometown. The last time being invited to Esther and Wendell’s. Last 8 a.m. class, last night class, last skipping class. The last final exam, last 15-page paper, last Moodle post.

Seniors have already experienced the nostalgic “last move-in,” and we’re suddenly realizing how many lasts are yet to come. We think back to freshman year and realize how much has changed since then. Freshman year feels like yesterday but also like so long ago. We stepped foot on this campus as terrified, impressionable freshman and in May, will walk away confident, eager college graduates.

To those who have been here all four years, we survived the Lima jailbreak and shower videographer and witnessed the implementation of the apartments and renovations of Bren-Dell and Hirschy Annex. From the Freshman Olympics to graduation weekend, we’ve watched Bluffton become more defined as a university as we’ve become more distinct in who we are and where we’re going in life.

The last four years have been packed with all-nighters, stress-induced breakdowns and unforgettable adventures—and now in a few short months, we’ll be broke, job-seeking young professionals.

Are we ready for it? Are we ready for the real world of taxes, house payments and insurance plans? Are we ready to leave the years of living in close proximity to friends and watching and participating in college sports? We’ll be in a world of meetings instead of a whirlwind of homework.

While the days seem to drag on, the weeks will go quickly, and soon we’ll be face to face with graduation. We will walk across the stage, receive our diploma and be thrown into the real world (where there are no required Arts and Lecture Credits, no Marbeck food and no summer vacation).

Graduation brings a mixture of excitement and terror of the real world, but these next few months are the time to enjoy the lasts that come with senior year.

The last time living in a dorm room, last time piling in a room full of friends for a football game or reality show. The last Christmas break, last spring break, last Monday night Bingo. The last time living with best friends within walking distance, last fast food run at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday night (maybe).

We made it. We made it to the year of lasts. 

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