Student Panel Forum gives tips for students

Bluffton hosted one of its first Community Learning Forums Tuesday, Sept. 12. This forum featured five students who discussed a wide range of topics regarding life at Bluffton University.

Each student has had unique experiences that shape their personalities and lives on and off campus.

Jayden Groppi, a junior business administration major, ministry assistant and mentor among other duties, suggests having an accountability partner.

“Having a mentor I can go to and use as a resource to keep myself on track has made the biggest difference in my life so far,” said Groppi.

Groppi also recommends being involved on campus.

“Find the people you can be weird with,” said Groppi. “And, get to know everyone, including your teachers.”

Dean Walters, a biology and pre-med major suggests a similar tip.

“Make sure to surround yourself with people who are like you and who may even be struggling like you,” said Walters.

From left, Malik Jackson, Dean Walters, Ally Hammond, Jayden Groppi and Lauran Brown. Photos by Sophie Hobbs

Students are always making sacrifices, and sometimes having fun can be one of these sacrifices.

“When my friends are struggling, too, they know what I’m going through and the sacrifices that I have to make,” said Walters.

Another student, Ally Hammond, a senior psychology major, had other pieces of advice for students.

“Find a support group of people you can talk to whenever you need to,” said Hammond. “My group was able to change my mood.”

Bluffton offers students resources during their time here. One of these resources seems to be underutilized by students. This resource is the Learning Resource Center.

“It’s better to ask for help, even if that means setting up accommodations,” Hammond said.

Lauran Brown, a senior accounting major, reinforced Hammond’s point.

“When you’re here, it’s for you,” said Brown. “What you do here will affect the rest of your life. If you feel you have a need, go get help.”

The LRC offers a wide variety of accommodations for students who require them, along with study tables and a quiet space to work.

“Everyone here wants to see you succeed,” said Brown.

Malik Jackson, a senior accounting major, agreed.

“It’s important to have a support group to fall back on,” said Jackson. “The LRC was part of that group for me.”

The panel also gave study tips for other students who struggle.

Jayden Groppi and “Tig” Intigliata photo by Sophie Hobbs

Groppi, a mentor under Jacqui Slinger, suggests staying on top of assignments and projects.

“Do your homework and don’t get behind,” said Groppi. “If you do get behind, don’t be scared to ask for help.”

Each member of the panel provided their best ideas for studying, and all agreed that finding one’s technique sooner rather than later is a crucial part of a student’s success.

“It’s really, really important,” said Brown. “I can’t stress that enough.”

Students are urged to remember that success doesn’t always come easily.

“Progress isn’t going to come overnight,” said Hammond.

If students have questions regarding the services the LRC provides, contact Jacqui Slinger or Amanda Woolley.

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