Bluffton professors appeal to students differently

By Dani Easterday

Every student has had those one of those professors of whom they are not fond. Their tests are too hard, they never explain anything or they just do not seem to care. However, there are also those professors that everyone seems to love, no matter the major or the year. They make class fun, sometimes easy and they always seem to care.

Sometimes all students need is a class where they can relax and have fun. Some professors are able to make class fun through jokes and funny stories that students can relate to.

Gary Schiefer, assistant professor of the business department and department coordinator, is one of the most fun professors on campus, according to many student who have taken his class.

Lauryn Foster-Wheeler and Skylar Liming, members of the Women’s Soccer team, seem to find his classes to be entertaining and educational.

“He makes his class enjoyable by his many jokes and is always willing to help,” Foster-Wheeler said.

“He is also super funny and tells jokes about his life, or even his wife!” Liming said.

Besides having fun professors, some of the best professors care about students not only academically, but personally. They love to see students achieve success and follow their dreams.

Allyson Fuqua, a first-year student majoring in art, said that her favorite professor is Jim Fultz, who is an assistant in the art department.

“He sees the full potential in you, and wants each of his students to strive,” Fuqua said.

One such professor is Tim Byers. According to Brittany Huff, a senior majoring in early childhood and intervention specialist, Byers is not only her favorite, but one of the best on campus.

“He cares so much about his students,” Huff said. “He tells stories about his experiences that help us connect it to our lives, and tries to relate to us as much as possible.” 

Another popular person on campus is Jacqui Slinger, the director of academic development services and counselor for disability services. She spends much of her time in the Learning Resource Center (LRC), where her office is located.

Nolan Childress, a freshman exercise science major, said that she was his favorite for a number of reasons.

“She cares a lot for you academically, and individually. She won’t let you fall, or break down,” Childress said. “Instead, she will be beside you, helping you to pick up the pieces and put yourself back together.”

Destiney Grant ’19, Kirk Kauder ’20, Hannah Minor ’19 and Katelyn Gardella ’18 all agree that Deanna Barthlow-Potkanowicz is their favorite and for many reasons.

Gardella is a senior social work major, and she believes that Barthlow-Potkanowicz is the best professor on campus.

“She will actually take the time to help you and answer your questions,” Gardella said. “In addition, she treats you as an equal, and cares not only about your school work, but also about your personal life.”

Even with the funny professors, most students agreed that their favorite professors were the ones that treated them like equals, would help them out whenever they needed help and cared about students on a personal level.

Students are advised to reach out to any of their professors, along with Jacqui Slinger if they need assistance.

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