Slinger’s door always open, just knock

By Kevin Christie

Every Bluffton student has the same message on all their syllabi: “In accordance with federal laws, students requesting accommodations must provide documentation of their disability to the counselor for disability services: Jacqui Slinger.”

Jacqui Slinger has been at Bluffton for 26 years. She is director of Academic Development Services and a counselor for Disability Services. She also teaches a class called Applied College Skills (ACS).

Preferring to be called Jacqui by her students, Slinger’s office is located on the third floor of College Hall in the Learning Resource Center. She prides herself on being open to allowing students to come and talk to her, and just simply asks you knock.

Slinger said she finds the most enjoyment when a student learns something new and not necessarily in the classroom.

“There is a lot more that goes into college than the actually school work,” Slinger said. “I just want every student to develop study and life habits that will best benefit them in the future.”

In her ACS class, Slinger teaches students study habits that are as simple as using a planner, making notecards and even answering questions on how to do laundry and navigate life in the residence halls.

“She took the time to see how you were doing,” said Colton Rose, a sophomore who took one of Slinger’s classes. “She taught me how to utilize my strengths and know my weaknesses.”

Slinger wears many hats at Bluffton. She not only teaches, but is also a counselor and a resource. Amanda Woolley attended Bluffton and now works near Slinger as a learning Specialist in the Learning Resource Center (LRC).

“Jacqui has a skill of connecting to kids from a variety of backgrounds,” said Woolley. “You can tell students really trust her with anything.”

Slinger prides herself on being open and offering her services to all students and not just those with learning disabilities.

“I think everyone can utilize the LRC,” Slinger said. “Amanda and I are more than willing to sit down with any student and try to help them with their situation.”

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