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The Beaver Dam: Week 11

Written by Ty Avila

Tyler Avila and Gino Spadaro discuss football, cross country and volleyball. Your hosts also give you their thoughts on both men’s and women’s basketball. Reid Maus has two intriguing interviews with Coach James Kusak and Coach Steve Yarnell.

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Ty Avila

Hometown: Russells Point, Ohio.
Major: Broadcasting & Journalism
I love working for The Wit because it is a big jump start for my career and it helps me gain the experience I need for my future.
Interesting Fact: I survived being hit by a car going 40 MPH my sophomore year of high school.
Career Goals for The Wit: To improve on my writing and to work on my voice for radio and TV.
Career Goals beyond Bluffton: To eventually work for any major sports outlet; ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS Sports.

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