Open hours come to Neufeld Hall

Beginning in the fall of 2018, Neufeld Hall will be open to juniors and seniors only. Students living in this building will not have hall hours, but all other residence hall regulations still apply.

Neufeld Hall photo by Alyssa Eby

Many groups, including the faculty, staff, the President’s Cabinet and students gave feedback to a Student Life proposal to increase on-campus housing options.

The on-campus apartments became an instant success when they opened to students last spring.  In the wake of that popular transition, Student Life staff pursued another similar option for students—specifically upperclassmen. 

Policies around hall hours have been discussed frequently in recent years. This transition now provides an option both for students who want hall hours and those who want fewer restrictions.

The remaining residence halls across campus will continue to follow hall hours for underclassmen and upperclassmen who prefer living with closed hours. 

Up to 108 juniors and seniors will kick off this new housing option during room draw this spring. The Neufeld implementation provides perks for the upperclassmen and something for underclassman to look forward to.

“I think this new option will be beneficial in the end to give underclassman something to be excited about in the future,” said freshman Julian La Vallee.

Neufeld was chosen because of its unique “pod” floorplan, offering a different design than the rest of the residence halls, a memo from President James Harder indicated. Each floor is split into two sides, separated by a common lobby in the middle. Two pods for each gender can be found on each side.

This new on-campus housing option implementation comes from Harder, who wrote in his announcement of the decision that he recognizes there is no fully “right” or “wrong” position or decision on this topic.

Kevin Williams, director of Residence Life, also said there is no decision that will please everyone, but he’s excited for this opportunity for students to further prepare for the real world.

“I am glad to see there is a way for students to have some independence,” Williams said. 

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