White aspires to have a positive impact

By Olivia Poole

Marbeck Center Board hosts various events on Bluffton’s campus, but do you ever wonder about the brains and glue that hold that entire group together?

Kevin White photo by OIivia Poole

Kevin White is the advisor for MCB and the assistant director of the University Event Complex. He started the position in late August and says he is still getting adjusted to all the responsibilities associated with this position. He took over for Brent Schroeder, who moved to the advancement team this year. White is responsible for working with students to come up with the campus activities, such as Marbeck After Dark events, bingo and special guests who might come to the university.

A Bluffton University graduate, White worked with the university before accepting the position. He worked on the intramurals staff and has brought ideas to the university such as bringing Twenty One Pilots to campus on three separate occasions.

Before coming to Bluffton, White was all over the place. He was helping build new nature preserves and working for a plumbing company. He gained a lot of work experience while diving into different jobs, but he now feels like he finally started a career here at Bluffton. He says Bluffton is a good fit because of its sense of community.

“I fell in love with the sense of community that Bluffton offers as a student,” White said. “I am incredibly passionate about the university, so a role in which I can do something I love doing like planning events at a place I love is truly a dream for me.”

White discovered the position when Schroder informed him about the opportunity and told him he thought he would be a good fit for the role.

Kevin White works with students during Dam Jam Nov. 9. Photo by Olivia Poole

“I was told by Brent when accepting the opportunity to be honest and open with myself and others,” White said.

Days for White usually consist of planning events for the university and handling any activities that need to be done around campus. White and his staff come up with the activities by brainstorming ideas and voting on them to see which ones will pass as student activities.

White said he enjoys his job and hopes to have a positive impact on as many people here as possible.

“Creativity is something that I am very passionate about, and if I can help students and faculty reach their creative potential, whether it be through event planning, music or art then I will be a happy man,” he said.



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