Students already thinking about room draw

By Bailey Baker

Choosing where you want to live is a key component to your experience that you have while in college. According to the Bluffton University webpage, room draw is the process through which all current Bluffton University students planning to live on campus choose a residence hall, room and roommate for the next academic year. Room draw takes place within the first two weeks that all students are on campus following spring break.

“Hopefully I will be able to move into Ramseyer, since I am unable to stay in Neufeld,” said Claire Myree, a freshman and current Neufeld third floor resident. “If Sarah, my current roommate, doesn’t become an RA, I’d love to room with her all four years.”

Myree is one of many underclassmen who will be unable to nest, or keep the same room for the next year, due to the policy change effective in Neufeld fall 2018. The policy change is that of no open or closed hours and Neufeld hall only housing upperclassmen.

“I like the option of nesting because with the room draw, I don’t want to get unlucky and get stuck somewhere I don’t want to live,” said Caylin Morstadt. “Ram has air conditioning and is in a convenient location on campus. I’m happy to continue living there where I feel comfortable with the same roommate that I have had for the past two years.”

Nesting is one of the few options that students have during the room draw process. The other options include: singles, triples, super singles and apartment rooms.

“I haven’t decided for certain, yet, but I might decide to get a super single next year,” said Allison Pancake, a sophomore currently living in Neufeld. I think having all the extra space would be enjoyable.

There are different days assigned to the different types of housing/rooms available to residential students, and students will have to pay attention to what days they must attend the meetings for their desired room choice.

“I want to move back to Neufeld, I lived there last year, but this year I am in Annex and I miss Neufeld,” said Aryn Preston, a junior at Bluffton University. “The policy change is a plus, but my roommate and I just like the building and living in Neufeld better.”

Due to the policy change taking place in Neufeld next fall, some of the deciding factors regarding singles, super singles and nesting have not yet been worked out.

Kevin Williams, director of Residence Life, has informed students that all decisions for room draw will be made before students leave for winter break.

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