Valentine’s Day on a dime

Don’t get me wrong, chocolates are delicious and flowers are beautiful, but sometimes, the cost of these gifts can add up.

“Valentine’s Day is a vendor’s holiday,” said freshman Danielle Dancer. “Valentine’s Day wasn’t originally advertised but has become commercialized.”

As a fellow college student, spending large amounts of money on gifts for a significant other can be difficult, especially with money being scarce. While in college, you are generally expected to live without much. It’s okay to not have a lot of money to spend, but you don’t want to seem like a goof for not getting your significant other anything. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be looked over simply because of expenses.

“Just because it’s thought out, doesn’t mean it has to be expensive,” said Dancer.

The following are two cute and crafty ways to not spend an exuberant amount of money, while also being able to captivate your significant other’s heart.

  1. Nature is your friend

It would seem odd if a small branch had more sentimental value than a box of chocolates. In time, however, chocolates can be eaten and the box can be thrown away. With a branch though, there are plenty of crafty ideas that are available.

The first step is to walk around campus and grab a branch that you like. Second, acquire some string, some paper clips and the most embarrassing or cute pictures of you and your significant other.

You can first start off by tying some string around the branches, so that it hangs down. Depending on how many pictures that you have, you can make multiple rows of string side by side.

For example, one row would contain two strings hanging down off the branch, then the paper clips are put onto the string. The paper clips will hold the pictures, creating a column of pictures that is more crafty than an ordinary picture frame. This would preferably be a good idea if the pictures have more nature type themes in them, but it will work for any type of picture!

  1. The container

Do you have a bucket? A jar? Maybe even a cup? Well, then you’re in luck!

This inexpensive gift only requires a container to put things in, some paper, and a pencil/pen.

This gift also does not take very long to make, but also should not be rushed over. You do not have to be an amazing writer for this gift either.

Start by tearing off strips of paper and writing something that you like about your significant other. Then, you can fold it in half and put it into the container. You can write about their personal attributes, the trips that you have taken togther or the memories that you have made.

“In the end, it doesn’t matter how expensive it is as long as you put as much thought and feeling into what you have gotten for the person you care about,” said freshman Victor Arizmendi.

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