The not-so-secret campus society

By Kasey Myers

It’s about 10 p.m. and a group of students slip out of their dorms to meet by a very specific tree for a very specific purpose. They glide across campus, a not-so-secret society devoted to stress relief and community building through physical activity.

They are the Guild, and they want to teach you to frolf.

The Guild is a group of students who participate in frolf and/or Ultimate Frisbee. They number between six and eight on any given evening, but they are always recruiting new members.

Frolf is a shortened name for a game more commonly known as, “Frisbee golf.”

Essentially, the goal is to bounce a Frisbee off various objects on campus with as few attempts as possible. The group takes turns throwing to see if anyone can hit the hole on the first try. If no one does succeeds on his or her first attempt, the whole group moves on to the place where the disc closest to the target is and throws from there. According to Savanah Hofstetter, senior psychology major, this is so that “no one gets left behind.” The entire game is a team effort.

Frolf is a very beginner friendly, even to those who may be unfamiliar with it, according to Guild members.

“Anyone can miss, anyone can hit,” said sophomore frolfer  Micah Hunsberger.

The course is spread across campus, and the holes are comprised mostly of trees, statues, light posts and gutters. The group typically plays 18 “holes” a night. Unless, of course, the beloved “bonus hole” determines otherwise. Once the group has completed its first 18-hole game and come full circle through the course, the group may opt to try for the first hole again. If someone gets a hole-in-one, the entire group repeats the course.

Recently, some group members were challenged to frolf every night this semester, and they have been doing well thus far. They plan to continue playing into the winter, but have determined they will need to use darker discs in order to be able to find them most easily.

According to Hofstetter, frolf is a “great destresser,” lending itself perfectly to students’ lives.

All are welcome to participate in frolf. The expedition is organized nightly by Hofstetter, who sends out a mass informational text with details. In order to be added to this list, contact Savanah Hofstetter or text her at (330) 466-0978.

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