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Behind the scenes of The Witmarsum’s rebirth

Ty Avila takes you behind the scenes of The Witmarsum’s rebirth by¬†shedding some light on the history of The Witmarsum, explaining what student-driven media is and exploring the benefits of having a media source for students, by the students at Bluffton University. This is the second in a series of audio features that take a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes at Bluffton University.

About the author

Ty Avila

Hometown: Russells Point, Ohio.
Major: Broadcasting & Journalism
I love working for The Wit because it is a big jump start for my career and it helps me gain the experience I need for my future.
Interesting Fact: I survived being hit by a car going 40 MPH my sophomore year of high school.
Career Goals for The Wit: To improve on my writing and to work on my voice for radio and TV.
Career Goals beyond Bluffton: To eventually work for any major sports outlet; ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS Sports.

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