Seven affordable summer adventures for Bluffton students

By Dakota Fredette

Dakota Fredette suggests seven affordable options for Bluffton students looking for summer adventures.

With only one week left in the spring semester, summer has approached quicker than expected. For some students, this is it, their last summer before they are thrown into the real world. But if college isn’t in your rearview mirror just yet, the approaching summertime can mean freedom, beautiful weather and plenty of time for adventures.

An adventure can be whatever you want it to be, for the sake of this article an adventure is a place to travel, to see and to experience. There are literally thousands of places to go, and it’s impossible to go to all in a single summer. Not only that, but they can be expensive and expensive is not a good word to hear if you’re in college.

So for the students who are planning for summer fun with friends or family, here is a list of seven affordable, yet unique, adventures located right here in Ohio. No matter your interests, there is something for everyone to experience for the first time without having to travel far.

If you’re a music lover, a rock & roll lover, you’re in luck. On the Lake Erie shores in downtown Cleveland sits the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. The wacky architectured building is home to the greatest rockers memorabilia and recognizes the most influential musicians, producers, and others who have forever changed the music industry. With your student ID, admission is only $18 dollars; rock on!

For a more classy experience, travel to downtown Columbus and find your seat at the Ohio Theatre. The historic theater will mesmerize you with its lush interior and sheer size, its one-stop you don’t want to miss. As the “official theater for the state of Ohio” it lives up to its title. Different presentations, plays, musicals, and symphony’s go on throughout the year. Although this is not the cheapest adventure, your seat will determine the price.

For the animal lover, Ohio is home to some of the most superlative zoos in the United States from Cincinnati, to Columbus to Cleveland. However, the Toledo Zoo & Aquarium is one you should visit first if you have never been to any. Ranked in the top five best zoos in the nation by multiple publications, and ranked number-one by USA Today, it is one of the most thorough and exciting zoos you can experience. Admission is only $19 dollars, once again under that 20-dollar mark.

For the history lover, Ohio is dotted with museums, however most are filled with art. One museum, is filled with machines compatible of breaking the sound barrier, reeking havoc, or transporting people across or out of this world and it is the National Museum of the United States Air Force. With free admission and parking, the drive to Dayton is the only cost. Experience the history of these aircraft and the marvel at their magnitudes and capabilities.

For the sports fan, many choices await with the Browns, Indians, Cavilers, Reds, and Bengals. However it’s the Great American Ball Park home to the Cincinnati Reds, which wins the spot on the list. With unique features such as “the gap”, a 35-foot break in the stands provides a impeccable view of the Cincinnati skyline; two “smokestacks” shoot out fire whenever the Reds strike out a batter, the 6th largest scoreboard in the MLB, and numerous sculptures, mosaics, and carvings in and around the stadium. The final reason this made the list is baseball is one sport where tickets and food are always cheap.

For the nature lover, if you’re a student who appreciates Bluffton’s wooden areas you will definitely want to go to Hocking Hills. The scenic state park in southern Ohio includes waterfalls, cliffs, gorges, and caves. Hiking, canoeing, zip lining, rock climbing, hunting, and fishing are just some of the things to do in this naturally amazing park. There is also nearby inns, restaurants, and countless campsites. This is the adventurer’s dream, and one place you don’t want to miss out on.

Last but not least, there is the adventure for the thrill seeker. As soon as you see thrills one place should come to mind and that is Cedar Point. The world’s largest roller coaster park is located in Sandusky. It is the only park in the world with five rides over 200 feet tall, and holds a world record number of rides, standing at 71. For just $50 dollars for the entire day experience the fastest, most intense roller coasters in the world. Remember though; buy tickets online which saves you around $15 dollars. And don’t worry about repetition as they keep adding new rides every year

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Ohio Theatre, the Toledo Zoo, National Museum of the United States Air Force, The Great American Ball Park, Hocking Hills, and Cedar Point are just seven places in Ohio that are perfect for this summers adventures. Let these be idea starters and check out the countless other adventures in Ohio.

With affordable prices, close proximity, and good times waiting don’t hold back and experience what the state of Ohio has to offer. Maybe when your done, you wont think the state is so boring after all and appreciate its history in the making. Just remember to count the moments not the mile markers.

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