‘Learning Community’ forum the first of many

Every Tuesday, Bluffton welcomes its students, faculty and staff to presentations by speakers, fellow students, activists and others. These forums can be used as Arts and Lecture Credit, as well as provide an informative setting for students interested in the topic of the forum.

This year Bluffton has altered its approach to forums; this week’s forum will be a student led panel.

This panel will answer questions and will also be passing on strategies for adapting to college life, including some secrets to being successful.

“We know students face all kinds of challenges in their academic and personal lives,” said Lamar Nisly, interim vice president and dean of academic affairs.

This forum is the first of its kind at Bluffton University, however, there are plans to continue student panel forums in the future.

“Our students have developed a host of strategies and habits for meeting challenges,” said Nisly. “This forum will provide us an opportunity to share some of those ideas to give all of us additional tools when challenges arise.”

This forum, also known as the “Learning Community”¬†forum, will feature five students.

These students will be a group of seniors with a variety of majors and interests.

The students who will be participating in the panel tomorrow are Dean Walters, Malik Jackson, Ally Hammond, Jayden Groppi and Lauran Brown.

Faculty and staff have high hopes for the interaction from students as this forum will consist mostly of their questions and feedback.

If students, faculty or staff have any questions please contact Lamar Nisly or Gerald Mast.

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