Eight professors you will have at Bluffton

Written by Jena O'Brien

Unless you have completely skipped the first couple weeks of classes, you’ve probably gotten to know your professors by now. While students take a wide range of classes on campus, it’s common to see these eight kinds of professors at Bluffton throughout all departments. Whether you hate them or love them, they’re someone you’re most likely going to have a class with, so it’s better to be prepared for what’s ahead of you.

The sweet one.

These professors always seem to have a smile on their face. It doesn’t matter which class you have them in because they always act the same. They genuinely seem happy to be in the classroom and that only makes the learning experience better for those students in the class. Oh, and if you ever need an extension on a paper or help with a project, these professors have no problem whatsoever helping you.

Professor that could fit the bill: Jackie Wyse-Rhodes

The hardass.

This is the professor that you’ve heard stories about. Some students avoid their classes because they’re either scared of the amount of work assigned or the professor themselves. For the few students who stay in these classes, you’ll quickly realize that after the first assignment or two the professor really isn’t all that bad. You see that they push you so hard because they know you can do better work and they believe in you. At the end of the semester, maybe even right before graduation, you’ll thank this professor for pushing you to be the best student that you could possibly be.

Professor that could fit the bill: Marathana Prothro

The philosophical one.

This professor is incredibly smart on an intense level that you think you’ll never reach. Some days you’ll feel lost during one of their lectures but then there will be another time where they explain the material in a way that never made sense to you until that moment. They usually use their hands a lot while explaining and almost always end their sentences with “anyway” before starting another mini-lecture. Don’t expect to stay on track with the syllabus in this professor’s class–or to have a syllabus at all.

Professor that could fit the bill: Dr. Zachary Walton

The old-school one.

The old-school professor has different variations. While all old-school professors might not be old in age, they oftentimes have a certain aura about them. Sometimes this professor will go off on rants about why technology is ruining our society as we know it, other times you’ll find yourself in a 50-minute discussion about Mennonite history, either way, you’ll find yourself entertained with this professor.

Professor that could fit the bill: Dr. Gerald Mast

The funny one.

This professor is a celebrity around campus. You’ve heard nothing but great things about their class. This professor knows their audience and capitalizes on that. Sometimes this professor will make jokes about students, but a majority of the time they’re laughing at themselves. You might not remember what all you learned in that class a year later, but you’ll surely remember how much fun you had going to their class.

Professor that could fit the bill: Dr. Gary Schiefer

The passionate one.

It doesn’t seem to matter what topic you’re discussing in class because this professor always gets riled up and starts yelling. It’s not because they’re angry, it’s because they’re so passionate about the topic and they want students to listen up and pay attention to what is being said. Sometimes these rants go off-topic but that’s OK because they are entertaining either way.

Professor that could fit the bill: Dr. Perry Bush

The one who treats you as an intellectual equal.

This professor not only treats you like an adult in the classroom but actually appreciates what you have to offer to the class discussion. Usually in their classes, they encourage student participation and will usually have a conversation about what is being said rather than just telling you if you’re right or wrong and moving on. This is the professor who will really make you interested and invested in his or her classes.

Professor that could fit the bill: Dr. Deanna Barthlow-Potkanowicz

The adjunct.

This is the professor you’ll maybe have for one class and never seem him or her again. While they do not have a full time position on campus, they still show up to class everyday to make sure that we are getting a proper education (with half of the benefits of a full-time professor, might I add). That my friends, is a true hero right there. Respect the adjunct.

Professor that could fit the bill: Amy Youngpeter

At the end of the day, you’ll experience all of these types of professors. Though you might be more excited to have one over another, just remember all of the professors are here for the same reason–to make sure we’re getting an education. So, do your professor a favor and fulfill his or her life-long dreams–go to office hours.  

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