How to get along with roommates

As adjustments go for college students, having a new roommate can be the biggest. By respecting your roommate’s likes, dislikes, and personal space, you can make that change much easier, as well as using communication to let each other know how you live and what you are used to.

1. Set ground rules.

Discuss your boundaries with each other. Acknowledging each other’s opinions on certain things is a big step to make rooming easier.

This does not only apply to personal space or items of the other person but also little things like decorations around the room which may affect one another’s sleep schedules. For example, if someone cannot sleep with lights on at all and their roommate has Christmas lights up, that can become a conflict which could easily be avoided by just letting each other know what is okay and not okay.

In addition, respect the wishes of your roommate in regards to friends, family and other visitors that may be spending time in your room.

2. Know each other’s schedules.

A big conflict between roommates can be the “getting ready” time at the start of the day. Be respectful of your sleeping roommate while you’re preparing for your 8 a.m., and understand that your roommate has an 8 a.m. and be sympathetic in knowing they would rather be where you are.

Keeping track of each other and informing the other person of changes in your daily schedule doesn’t only benefit them, but it keeps you safer, especially if you’re going to be gone a lot longer than you expected.

3. Respect each other.

Respect–the biggest factor in having a successful roommate experience. Respect to your roommate’s personal items or space, schedule and themselves. You should always have respect towards one another, even when they anger you

4. Ask.

Asking for permission to touch, use or see any possession that is not yours is a big step of respect to your roommate. Unless you are given consent to touch your roommate’s possessions, you should not be greedy.

Roommates should always go over what and what not each other can borrow. If you do not get consent of using the item, that could be considered stealing. Which can cause a big issue between each other.

5. Communicate.

Communication is the key. Always allow your roommate to know how you are feeling, where you are going and when you will be back. Since your roommate is the person you are living with for this school year, you want to have a close connection and be trusting to each other. They are the first people you should be letting know you are having a bad day or even when you are feeling sad.

They need to know these things so they know how to approach you. Always talk out the little stuff. That also goes for talking out problems you are having together. Roommates should not have to live together if they can not get along with one another. Always let each other know what you agree or disagree with.

You also should let each other know what is your music taste, favorite movie or so on. They may seem like little, pointless things to let each other know. But the more your roommate knows about you, the closer you get with them.

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