Registrar’s office announces new view for requirements in 2019

By Dakota Fredette

Graduation and talk of the future can cause anxiety, especially when it comes to remaining classes in need of being fulfilled in order to graduate. If you have ever struggled with trying to determine what classes are still required, relief is on its way.

The registrar’s office’s next big project is a new software system that will drastically change how graduation reports look on the MyBluffton website. Not only will visuals be revamped, but graduation plans will be laid out in a clean, easy-to-understand format.

The registrar’s office plans to have the new system up and running by fall 2019. This means current juniors and seniors will not be affected by the update.

“It’s going to be very helpful for both students and faculty,” said Margret Smith, assistant registrar.

Smith also said every gradation plan will be individualized to each student with what classes they will take at Bluffton and when. It will also give the office layouts for three-year graduation plans.

Jenzabar Systems, the leading software provider for higher education institutions, will provide the new software, which is simply being called EXI. Other forms of Jenzabar software are currently applied in Bluffton University’s computer systems.

The system will combine general education and major requirements allowing for a quick and easy view, informing students of classes that overlap for both requirements.

Alyssa Yoxtheimer, a 2016 Bluffton graduate, said she wished she had the update when she was enrolled.

“The current system was both slow and a nightmare to navigate, as it loved to crash and offered no easy return to the previous page you may have been on,” she said.

The registrar’s office also recently improved its transcript services when it switched to an electronic request and delivery service, which replaced the previous paper method. The office performs many other tasks for students, such as class registration, schedule changes, graduation certifications, grade reporting, and will continue to improve its software.

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