Morris sees vocational training as part of her work

By Kevin Christie

Whether you have ridden in a university vehicle, done community service on campus or enjoyed the cleanliness of buildings on campus, you have Megan Morris to thank.

Morris graduated from Bluffton in 2007 and is a married with two kids. This is her fourth year as administrative assistant for Buildings and Grounds.

Buildings and Grounds is tasked with upholding the aesthetic of Bluffton University while maintaining and upgrading facilities, dorm rooms and class halls. Morris is more specifically tasked with overseeing parking enforcement, maintaining transport opportunities, life and vocation training and overall campus monitoring.

“My role here is all encompassing,” said Morris “I have day-to-day duties, but in our department there is definitely some overlap in responsibilities.”

She said the most hectic day for Buildings and Grounds is move-in day.

“Over the summer we inspect every dorm room and hall to make sure everything is up to date,” Morris said. “Unfortunately the campus hosts people over the summer after inspections which students find on opening weekend. You think you have everything ready, but things happen.”

The management of these halls and dorms are accomplished by the efforts of student workers. Morris said vocational training is one of the most important parts of her job.

“For a lot of students, Buildings and Grounds is their first job,” Morris said. “They have to be able to adjust to expectations, learn how to dress properly and balance a work schedule with their personal lives.”

Drew Siferd has worked with Buildings and Grounds for two years and has been able to learn a lot from life and vocation training.

“[Morris] helped me adjust to the real world and balancing my time, I have done everything from mowing lawns to doing repairs,” said Siferd. “I have done everything from mowing lawns to repair work and it all provides me with valuable life skills.”

Morris has been able to help aid students not only as workers, but also students who have been referred. This allows Bluffton to provide life and vocation training while also encouraging values such as restorative justice to be represented within our own administration.

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